|10.24.05||9:35 PM|

it's andy's birthday today. happy birthday, andy. i already said it to him three times, so i think you can excuse the lack of enthusiasm. hahaahaha

yeah, not much happened today. except i hate freshmen even more. geez, candace, attracting strange crowds. i'm an elitist.

ewwww nhs meeting tomorrow.

|10.23.05||5:31 PM|

mommy and ba are off signing apartment papers. that means GYM and POOL and JACUZZI. we really need to pack soon though. plus ba said the last day we're spending in this house is october 31, and we're gonna have the buyers over for dinner on saturday...? ew, i hate eating with strangers.

candace threw an eraser at my arm and now i have a bruise there. she likes sun chips. man.

there's a possum in our backyard. its the size of a big cat. a pretty BIG cat. andy thought it was a really big rat, but i think its kinda cute. plus whenever we talk about it, andy makes strange hissing noises, because apparently that's what it did to him.

i hate when strangers stare at you. like, blatantly. like that one lady at the mall. and there was this freshman at school whose locker is under mine, and i was getting my stuff, and i glanced down, and she was just staring. and then after school i was waiting for candace to get her stuff out, and i was standing there with about a foot of books stacked on my binder, and she was there again, staring. like, right at me, and then at my books, and then at my shoes. yeah you, girl who sits under my locker and reads manga. ew, barf

the layout's new. it was just something i threw together in half an hour. but change is still good.